User Authentication Methods

According to talks we had about Account and wallet address relation in Giveth DApp, we reached a conclusion that if we want to have any changes to account creation, our mission should be considered first, that is “Giving is effortless”.

It was suggested that we may have different behavior with project managers with simple donors.

So this feature proposal tries to imply multi-level account creation that implies mostly on user types which they want to be a project manager and collect money through the DApp, and the way we are currently verifying them is another way of having a higher level of authentication for being a verified project manager.

It’s going to be gamification to upgrade the account levels, from Basic to Pro, so if you just connect a wallet to donate, it’s effortless to give. But the more you engage, the upper profile account you may need.

In this proposal, we have 4 types of user accounts: Basic + Pro + PO + Verified PO (we have to change them with more appealing terms)

Why Muti-Level Account?