Understanding and using the Zcash Network Stability Framework


A Ziggurat is a rectangular stepped tower that uses precise measurements to ensure that each foundation can support the layers above. This metaphor can be applied to network testing by defining such layers, from the bottom and upward:


  1. Conformance - adhering to the network protocol
  2. Performance - healthy throughput under pressure
  3. Resistance - avoiding malicious behavior

Ziggurat is network test suite created by Equilibrium that provides zcashd and zebra devs with the foundation of reliability, performance, and scalability needed to realize the true potential of the Zcash network.

Note: This project is a work in progress. Source code available on GitHub.

About the Manual

This user manual can be viewed as a README+, providing the typical sections (installation, usage, contribution) and also expanding its content to include a specification of all the tests as well as instructions on how to write your own Ziggurat tests.

Finally, the manual ends with what is essentially a call for contributions, detailing ideas for future work.

Table of Contents



Test Index

Writing Ziggurat Tests

Future Work

Additional Materials

Slides from the Ziggurat presentation on the Zcash arborist call, presented on July 1, 2021.