To win a bounty, you must successfully fulfill a request that you’re targeted by.

<aside> ⚠️ At this time, only approved users can be targeted by requests. If you’d like to be eligible, contact


How does it work?

You’ll be notified whenever you’re targeted with a request. Requests can be public—anyone including guests can view the request’s details—or private—only you and the author of the request can view the details.

The request will include a summary and details that clarify the ask and how it should be completed. Additionally, every new request will have an initial bounty attached to it that was pledged by the author of the request. If public, the bounty can be increased though crowdfunding from other users.

At any time you may accept, decline, or wait for more pledges.

Once you’ve fulfilled the request and you’re ready to claim the bounty reward, you’ll submit a claim with any evidence you have of your fulfillment. Backers will have a 1-week window following the claim submission to dispute the claim. If there are no valid disputes, the bounty claim will be approved and your payout will be initiated.