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Open Roles

Engineering & Product

Tech Lead

Senior Engineer (back end)

Sales & marketing

Growth & Partnerships Lead


Finance & Operations Lead

Deal Ops Associate

🤲 Values

Customer obsession

We prioritise the customer experience above all else. This means as a team, we always go the extra mile for the customer, and remember they are always right!

Commitment to excellence

Always be asking yourself “Is this the best I can do? Am I proud of this?”

This is not a place to “move fast and break things”. We operate in a space (managing money) where details and reputation matter a lot. This means we should only ship things we’re proud of and hold ourselves to the very highest standards.


Most value comes from doing a few things well. Multitasking is a myth. As a company, we are always pushing in one direction. The organisation is focused on one big thing at a time. As individuals, we focus on the highest priority task that delivers on the organisation’s key objective.

Radical candour

We value open, honest feedback delivered with kindness. Feedback is the only way to achieve true personal growth. You are not objective enough about yourself to grow effectively without external feedback. Giving and receiving feedback is hard; it often triggers painful emotions. The alternative, though, is failure.

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