The Good VTuber Subs project, started in January 2021, is a web movement to encourage and popularize higher quality translations and subbing of VTuber content, fighting against the harmful trend of low-quality quick-and-dirty subs, mistranslations, clickbait, algorithm unfairness, profiteering, freebooting, content stealing, and downright lying within the VTuber translation scene.

We do this by bringing better translated VTuber content closer to the fans in different ways and providing resources for newcomers in the scene to learn more about the scene itself as well as the craft. This includes both and the @GoodVTuberSubs Twitter bot.


The original concept for the whole project. It was built as an answer to those having a hard time finding higher quality VTuber clip translations, especially due to the unfairness of the YouTube algorithm. The GoodVTuberSubs Twitter bot will make tweets containing the title, thumbnail, translator, and link to the clip as soon as a verified translator uploads them. Manually scheduled tweets also give more choice of VTuber clips to watch for those that follow the bot. The bot also responds to inquiries from VTuber fans about whether certain subbing channels can be recommended or avoided.

The bot has over 1.9K followers, receives about 113.2K impressions and 1.9K link clicks per month.

The website, built along with the Twitter bot, puts useful resources in a more accessible format. With a list of acceptable translators, a database of translated VTuber Twitter manga, and resources for those who want to learn more about subbing and translating VTubers or just translation in general, the site aims to give VTuber fans a better peek into the crazy world of translation. The website is a nice complement to the bot, compiling more detailed info about the project.

The website receives about 3.7K unique visitors per month.

The Good VTuber Subs Project

All operations of the site and bot are managed by @Madekuji_san, with the generous help and assistance of translators everywhere. It's an open project, where everyone can pitch in to find ways to help bring the best of VTuber translations to more people, not just through the website and the bot. This project is only one of many out there that aim for the same type of goal, and the project is open to collaboration and providing assistance to other projects that also aim to advance the popularity of better translations of VTuber content.