How to use Avochato Broadcasting for mass messaging on Salesforce List Views

A. What is it?

List View Broadcasting allows Salesforce users to send mass Avochato messages to people selected in Salesforce Contact and Lead List Views. This gives Avochato customers the ability to mass messaging people based on the filtering capabilities of List Views based on Salesforce data.

<aside> ⚠️ List View Broadcasting is not supported for Salesforce Classic users


B. How to set it up

1. Ensure Avochato Credentials have been setup

In order to use Avochato Broadcasting on List Views, you must setup your Avochato API Credentials first. Setup API credentials with one or more users using the Avochato API Credentials Datatable.

2. Setup and enable Avochato Broadcast button on List View page

Take the following steps in order to setup mass messaging via Avochato Broadcasts to List View records. We'll use the Lead object for this setup, and the same steps can be applied for setting up the Contact Avochato Broadcast button.

3. Lead object setup

  1. Ensure default Avochato API Credentials have been setup, as specified in Section IV.A and IV.B above

  2. Go to Setup → Object Manager → Lead → Search Layouts for Salesforce Classic

  3. Within the List View layout, click the Edit action

  4. In the Custom Buttons section, add the Avochato Broadcast to the Selected Buttons list

  5. Click Save

4. Contact object setup

Repeat the same steps above for the Contact object in order to enable Avochato Broadcasting on Contact List Views.

C. How to use it?

1. Avochato Broadcasting in List Views

  1. Go into your normal Salesforce app, and go to the Leads tab

  2. Select a list view that will serve as the baseline for selecting people to send messages to

  3. From within the list view, checkmark the records you'd like to send an Avochato message to, then click on the Avochato Broadcast button (which may live in the additional buttons dropdown list on the far right of the list view button options)