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This tip comes by way of Eric Lancheres' paid group: https://www.mytrafficresearch.com/ (I'm a long time member there and love it)... as I also mentioned in the email, Eric was the subject of my first ever note (he almost didn't let me publish it, but that's another story)!

Eric has found a super simple way of finding product that are listed on Amazon where Amazon is not #1. You'll need Ahrefs, but lucky for you I've also done a 10,000 row export juuuust in case you're an Semrush user.

Affiliate products where Amazon is not ranking top 5 - make a copy - seonotebook.com

If you do have Ahrefs, you'll see that there are over 5 million keywords that fit the criteria of:


That's a lot!

So when you're in backend, these are the filters you'll have to apply: