At we help farmers with rotational grazing: a managed grazing technique that regenerates soil, increases biodiversity, minimizes agro-chemicals, and improves profitability at the same time.

We bring multi-spectral and radar satellite imagery, geo-spatial tech, and machine learning to the regenerative agriculture domain. This modern approach allows us to tell farmers actionable insights for example when and where to move their animals to maximize soil regeneration.

It's an incredibly exciting time for us! We won the EU's Copernicus Grant, raised funds and are now embracing the 2021 growing season.

This is a unique opportunity to play a key role in an purpose-led early stage startup. You'll have the opportunity to build your ideas, see the impact quickly and watch a business (and grass) grow.

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Send a mail to and include your favourite animal emoji in the subject and any other information that you think might be relevant.

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Soils are depleted in both developed and less developed countries. The nutrient and water cycle are at stake. Disruptive weather patterns are making it increasingly difficult for farmers to forecast and deliver their desired output.

When we replenish soils, increase biodiversity, and improve the nutrient and water cycle, the planet can absorb carbon into the ground and help farmers to sustain their business more effectively.

For a quick domain overview we recommend the movie Kiss The Ground and the following video

Kiss the Ground (2020) - IMDb