Hiring Process

The hiring process at a new company takes time if you want to do it right, and we aim to do it right. With that, we've designed our hiring process to be as efficient as possible. We've been where you are and we understand the frustration of waiting. Here's a general timeline of what you can expect.

Hiring Phases:

  1. Resume review: 1-week from date of submission
  2. Phone interview: 1-week post resume review
  3. Technical interview (via Zoom): 1-week post phone interview
  4. Final interview: 1-week post technical interview
  5. Final decision: 1-week post-final interview

Total time: 4-5 weeks

A Breakdown of Each Phase

Resume Review

If your resume is selected, our hiring team will contact you via email to schedule a phone interview. If you haven't received any correspondence within 3-4 weeks of submitting your resume, it's likely you were not selected to move forward in the hiring process. We do our best to notify all applicants of their status, but due to the volume of resumes we receive, this isn't always possible.

Phone Interview

Our hiring team will contact you on the scheduled date and time. The interview will last approximately 30-minutes. This is our opportunity to assess your basic qualifications for the position. If you're selected to move forward in the process, you'll receive an email within 3 days of your phone interview with instructions for scheduling your technical interview.

Technical Interview for UX positions

The technical interview will last 60-minutes. You will be allotted 30-minutes to walk us through your resume and portfolio, your prior work experience, your design process, and your inspiration. In the remaining 30-minutes, we'll ask a few follow-up questions. You'll also have the opportunity to ask questions about the role. We created this guide to help you get started.