By Jolie Li, Klara Zietlow, Parmin Sedigh, Sora Shirai

<aside> 💡 We've been wearing clothing for 170,000 years. And yet, we've made almost no significant progress in the field; we're essentially wearing the exact same thing while technology has been moving faster than ever before. How does that make sense? It doesn't. That's why Twillica's here.


Twillica is a one for all jacket. It allows for adjustment of temperature, breathability, and water resistance... All with the click of 3 piezoelectric buttons.

Meet Twillica

Check out our explanatory video and one-pager below.

How Does It Work?

<aside> 💡 On a high level, we utilize the Seebeck effect to move currents through the carbon nanotubes placed in the jacket to either heat or cool the wearer. The shape memory polymers can adjust their breathability based on the temperature of the nanotubes. And the buttons get their energy from the force the wearer uses to press the button. No battery packs whatsoever!


To learn more, check out our two articles.

Twillica - Transforming Your Closet with Carbon Nanotubes

Our first article – a general overview of the concept, competitors, and financials

The Technicals of Twillica

Our second article that dives deep into the science

But that's not it. Check out a preview of our pitch + website down below!

Our pitch

Our pitch

[Our website.](

Our website.