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SHAKS S2/S3/S5 supporting four (4) modes, Android / Windows / iOS, and Mapping, each mode of which is recognized as an individual device by its corresponding host game device. For example, when SHAKS is in android mode, it will connect to your android smartphone/tablet, it works like an “android Gamepad”. But, if you connect it to a windows PC, it does not work correctly (for example, haptic no function), because SHAKS says “I am in android mode”, but the PC can’t hear it, although its Bluetooth connection is made.

First, please note that the gamepad can be paired to one device with an exactly matched mode. It is auto re-pair to the same device once paired, but If you wish to switch from one device to another, please delete previously log data from your device to de-activate its automatic repairing feature, do the pairing process again.

Compatible Device & Service

<aside> 💡 Note) Please select the exact mode matching to your device for 100% compatibility according to each protocol. Otherwise, some feature is not supported fully although it looks like connected!


Button layout and LED Status Indication

Please note the name of each button/key name and LED indication status. LED#1 shows power & charging status, LED #2,3 → connection status, LED #4,5 → mode selected

Tips) S5 mode is initialized by booting. On power off status, the mode change is not validated. Once you change mode, please reboot it by power off and on again.

Connect your device to the controller