We believe in innovation that is deeply rooted in the value of experimenting and prototyping.

<aside> 🎯 ProvaLabs is a biotech startup based in Seoul, South Korea. ProvaLabs expects to meet the needs from pharmaceutical giants and therapeutic ventures in better drug discovery in terms of time and money. We plan to build a strong market position in Asia-Pacific region, based on our industry experience and partnerships in the area.

ProvaLabs aims to provide innovative sensor-embedded organ-on-a-chip solutions to accelerate efficiency and cost-effectiveness of drug discovery. Organ-on-a-chip devices (Organ-Chips) provide a better in vitro model system for preclinical testing of efficacy at cell, tissue, or organ levels. Combined with automated lab procedures, the solution not only improves throughput but also promotes reliability in the early stage drug screening. The Organ-Chips will further allow target and lead identifications as data accumulate.

ProvaLabs operates core facilities for swift prototyping and production of microfluidic devices. The facilities may be utilized for extended applications and services.


ProvaLabs' Beliefs

Prototyping is an essential component to guarantee success.

ProvaLabs' Values

"I'm ExPro-Inventive"