(title is a work in progress)

This is likely a vision for bridging (depicted in green in diagram below) the human aspects of coaching (being) & science of wellbeing.

This is a possible analogy between the human elements of coaching (empowerment, being self-directed, social commons) and juncture of biocomputational science (deep learning, medicine, neuroscience, therapy, mental health) in the spirit of data ownership (extensible future)

The Divide

  1. augmentation - providing tools to augment one’s journey to wellbeing
    1. empowers individuals to be self-directed, self-reliant, self-sourcing, create their own solutions
    2. coaching
    3. social commons
    4. learning together [in public] (Digital Gardening)
    5. the goal is to make it easier for individual to sift through what seems like an overwhelming amount of information (and find information/knowledge they otherwise wouldn’t find (perhaps due to cognition fixation. See Scaling up analogical innovation with crowds and AI)
  2. “surveillance care”
    1. brings deep learning (A.I.) to tangibly address the State of Shallow Medicine
    2. akin to targeted ads on Facebook (attention extraction model)
    3. giving machines as much data as possible
      1. inherent biases in algorithms built by human beings
        1. risk of "malpractice" at a whole new scale
      2. data/model is an approximation of reality (at best)
        1. fidelity of model
        2. reality is always changing
      3. The Patient Will See You Now
    4. ideal for life-threatening issues
      1. speed is of the essence
      2. more accurate diagnosis
      3. accelerated diagnosis
      4. reducing overhead of one’s path to diagnosis (research, travel, visits, misdiagnosis)

Electronic Wellbeing Record (EWR)

(This diagram started as an inquiry into one’s role in wellbeing)