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Hi there IT Adminstrators!

A classroom within your school or district has been invited to join a live author read-aloud on the Storyvoice app. They recently ran our technology check to make sure their devices and WiFi are compatible with our application. Based on their results, something seems to be blocking access to some of our app's key components, which occasionally happens on school-issued devices and school WiFi networks.

To help diagnose the potential blockers, we've provided a list of our key components below and the technologies behind them. If this does not help resolve the issue, please send us an email to support@storyvoice.live for further assistance.

You can always perform the same technology check on your own desktop or mobile device by going here: app.storyvoice.live/check

Interpreting report results

Below are sample reports similar to what a teacher may have sent you.



To better understand the technical requirements of each feature tested in the report and identify potential blockers, please expand the options below.