Lingco is excited to be hosting the NIE for 2023! We’ve created a modern online educational platform designed to help instructors more effectively teach students foreign languages, and we believe this is a perfect fit for national exams like the NIE. We’re doing everything we can to make the exam this year as smooth as possible, and we’ve created this guide to help get you started.

Technical requirements

Lingco is a modern web-based application that works best with the latest version of Google Chrome, running on a laptop or desktop computer (either Mac, PC or Chromebook).  It should also work on the last two versions of Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, but Chrome is highly recommended.  The activities used in the NIE are designed for larger screens, so we don’t support using any mobile device or tablet at this time.

In order to take the NIE on Lingco you’ll also need:

<aside> ❗ Note: Certain school network components, such as VPNs and firewalls, can impact the quality of audio and video files in Lingco.  Please discuss this with your network administrator if you discover such issues when testing out the Lingco platform before taking the NIE.


Creating an account in Lingco

If you haven't used Lingco before, you'll need to create an instructor account first, using the instructions given to you by the NIE administrators. These instructions include a special link you'll need to use as a starting point for creating your account, and they will also guide you through the process of registering and reserving seats for the exam.

As you follow the instructions in the email from the NIE, you'll first be prompted to either log in (if you already have a Lingco account) or to create an account:

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 11.12.19 AM.png

Once you've created your account (or logged in to your existing one) you'll be taken to the NIE dashboard in Lingco. You can also return back to this dashboard at anytime by clicking on the NIE icon in the left menu.

Screen Shot 2022-11-14 at 2.13.06 PM.png

Follow the instructions on the screen to register and reserve seats for your class. You'll need to enter in information regarding yourself, your school and the levels your students will be taking. Once you click Place Order, we’ll email you an invoice with payment instructions.

Dashboard overview