An aid for staying in touch with mentors, friends in other cities, and communities.

This Notion template is a simple "personal CRM", where depending on a "contact frequency tag" (semesterly, yearly, weekly, monthly), and a date of last contact, it surfaces the people I want to be contacting.

Just a little aid for memory and intentionality.

Change View to "to Chat" to filter out everyone except people who are "due" to chat

Intentional Relationship Aid

The code for the formulas

Contact Every?

if(prop("Contact Freq") == "Semesterly", 182, if(prop("Contact Freq") == "Yearly", 365, if(prop("Contact Freq") == "Quarterly", 90, if(prop("Contact Freq") == "Weekly", 7, if(prop("Contact Freq") == "Monthly", 30, 365)))))


empty(prop("LastContacted")) ? 1 : (toNumber(dateBetween(now(), prop("LastContacted"), "days")) - prop("Contact Every?"))