Types of meeting rooms ( Meeting, Education, Live, Interview )

Meeting Mode

Education Mode

It enables the use of the Video Meeting, Screen Sharing, Document Sharing, Media Sharing, Attendance Book, and Record feature available in Meeting Mode,

and also offers the Right to Speak, Exam/Survey, Group Discussion, and Dual Monitor feature.

Live mode

Live Mode is a streaming feature. It is not for a two-way meeting or education during which two parties look at each other; instead, it is a meeting or education feature in which only the presenter transmits his/her screen.

You may create a room as a Live room from the beginning

or switch an already created Meeting or Education room to a Live room in room information.


Live Mode has a Q&A feature.

When you enter a room and click the cloud icon at the top left, the Q&A feature can be turned on.

This is the feature in which participants post their questions and the presenter or teacher checks and gives answers to them.


Interview Mode

Click Create Room and select Interview. The period is set as 3 months by default.