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HoloHealing™ on Magic Leap One

The HoloHealing system is an extensible framework with pre-configured environments. A constructor of experiences bound together with a launcher application in Lumin OS that serves to anchor the experience maintaining persistence in your daily Magic Leap routine.

HoloHealing is a collection of tools, objects, symbols, tones and music enabling each user to create their own custom experiences.

The HoloHealing Framework has a sixth meta room: Build your own room!

Remix the symbols, bring tools in, craft your own video and audio playlist and synch the perfect holographic mix for your unique personal or professional practice.

Hold “holo healing jam parties” and take turns showing each other the love!

Plus, Trainers, coaches, healers and creators of all kinds can use the integrated micropayments to work with existing clients, get new income and ensure that their contributions to the Holographic Healing community are always in karmic balance, harmony and flow.

Rollout Timeline

V0.9 - Pre-launch beta - 3 months from start

V1 - Launch - 6 months from start