This document is about the general priorities and policies for how we as a company bring new employees onto the team. As a new person on the team, if you have questions about starting at Clef, check out Your First Day at Clef.

We may also create specific onboarding recommendations for different roles in the future.

Before Arrival

After a candidate accepts an offer to join Clef, there are a few things that we can get out of the way before they show up.

  1. Employment paperwork (these should end up in their Personnel folder, which should be shared with them in Google Drive)
    1. Signed Offer Letter
    2. Signed Proprietary Information and Inventions Assignment Agreement
  2. Creating accounts
    1. Google Apps account
      1. Gmail
      2. Google Drive (base folders should be pre-configured for them)
      3. Calendar (follow team’s calendars)
      4. Two-factor auth should be set up with them
    2. Slack
    3. Trello
  3. Background reading
    1. A talk Jesse gave about cryptography
    2. A pretty good article about the public key crypto Clef uses
    3. A great explanation of Bitcoin
  4. Payroll, benefits, etc. set up – introduce to Patricia, who will manage this process
  5. Put 3 events on whole team’s calendar – NAME’s First Day, Team Lunch to welcome NAME, and Team Celebration of NAME’s First Day.

The First Day

A new employee’s first day is critical to making them feel welcome at Clef. The goals of the first day are to help them get set up, situated, and comfortable with the team. It is the responsibility of the person who led their hiring process to make sure that happens.

Some guidelines for the first day:

The First Week, Month, Beyond