Why do I have to create a profile?

Simply put, your profile will display your writing metrics - total word count, effective days (days where you reach the goal of 200 words), and how many days have you been participating in this sprint. You can add pretty photo covers and emojis if that's what you like!


🆕 Why do I have to create a new profile every month?

I know it isn't the most ideal way to do things, but I strongly encourage you to create a new profile for every sprint you're participating in and start again from scratch.

Not every month is effective, and that's OK. This is why creating a new profile every month will help you pay attention to the patterns.

Maybe last sprint you felt scattered, unfocused, and ineffective. Who knows, maybe you're on fire for this sprint! Knowing your patterns will help you harness the energy when you've got it, and you don't beat yourself up for the days/sprints when you don't have the energy or consistency.

<aside> 📌 Pro tip: Give your profile a different icon + cover each sprint! This will help you differentiate which profile should be entered in your daily tracker.



What's being tracked in my profile?

Here's what we're tracking...


Do I need to put the numbers manually to my profile?

No. Notion's relational database concept will do that automatically for you, which is what I'm gonna show you in the next step: Tracking your work everyday.

All you need to do is: