What is Leap?

We are Leap, the social learning community for people 55+. We are building a platform to power classes and conversations in small groups, over audio and video.

Apply by sending your resume or Linkedin or anything you are proud of to caroline@leap.so

🤗 We are Leap

🤔 Why are we doing this?

It started with an interest in people 55+, in combination with a belief that meaningful connections make people live happier lives. Let's break this down:

The first experiences we are building:

We spend our time thinking, testing, reading and listening to learn more about: How does sync and async social interlink? How do people feel a sense of belonging? What is unique about collaborative learning? What does it mean to be an aspirational modern brand for this target audience? Where do we find users and what do they want? If this sparks your curiousity, check out our open positions below. Curious but can not find a role for you? There's one for you as well.

We hope that you will join us on this journey,