Title: Head of Engineering

Company Name: Element

Category: Software Engineer

Job Function: Fullstack

Company website: www.withelement.com

Location: NYC / TLV

Remote Friendly: Yes

Type of Position: Full time

URL to apply - or@withelement.com

Contact - or@withelement.com


Job description -

Element is building a marketplace for personal finance experts. We are completely reshaping financial services as we know them by unlocking an emerging industry that can impact 175M adults in the US.

We started writing code this January and are soon completing our MVP tools for personal finance creators to build better relationships with their audiences. We've onboarded about 40 beta users and just recently launched our first "store" (app.withelement.com/stackingbenjamins). Also, we just received backing from YCombinator.

As we gear up towards the next phase of the company we are looking for an experienced full-stack engineer to lead the current and future team. Ideally, experience in node.js & react, experience in consumer or fintech a plus. On a personal level, a go-getter, data driven, passionate professional with a proven track record.

If you're passionate about financial services, impact & inclusion please do reach out to learn more about our mission and vision.

Brief summary of Job -

Element is seeking an experienced head of engineering to lead the company's build of a financial services platform. Among others, define & design architecture, determine technologies, develop and retain engineering team.