The bounty is for recreating, updating and debugging/checking the the specified sections below (including all subsections and subpages) of the Aragon developer documentation of Tools and Products categories here:

| --- | --- | | 11 | Tools > Aragon govern | | 12 | Products > Aragon vocdoni |

The categories are already imported into Gitbook and formatted to keep keep the original format. You are free to reformat if necessary.

To write a new process, or update a process requires an analysis of the process As-is to allow users to identify where there are gaps and where to update the information. Then the focus becomes what is To-Be.

  1. Involve community members and teams by asking for their input.

  2. Each item should be reviewed to meet the following requirements:

  3. Ensure the title reflects the content of the procedure

    The documentation title questions:

  4. Identify the purpose of the topic

  5. Outline the procedures for the specific topics

  6. Create a Glossary