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October 22, 2020 [R 2020.04] - Introducing Xception! ...and some other things.

New features

Xception 📡

Xception is a new and innovative way of dealing with actual (or potential) exceptions in your supply chain. It will automatically identify exceptions in the same second as they occur and you are able to take action and communicate to ensure that all parties are up-to-date.


Notifications 📣

You are now able to automate the distribution of tracking links to your customers. As soon as something is booked, we send them an e-mail, branded according to your accounts branding and you are able to set your custom email subject, title and body text.


Bug fixes & Improvements

September 15, 2020 [R 2020.03] - Invoices & more emissions love

New features

Invoice Control 💵

We have developed a totally new and innovative way of controlling carrier invoices. This will generate an even better and more transparent control of invoices for our customers and we will also in the near future enable customers to do the controlling part on their own. If they like.


Are you also lost in the invoice jungle? Grab one of us, and we can help you set this up asap!

Bug fixes & Improvements