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🎙Podcast Episode from April 2021 - What I'm lately working on

🌇  I'm currently living in SEOUL at the intersection of healthcare, humanities, and tech.

🌇 I'm currently living in SEOUL at the intersection of healthcare, humanities, and tech.

🎯 3 things I'm focusing on lately (Q1 2021) :

  1. WELT - BD
  2. MIT - Pharmacy
  3. Executive Leadership

Last updated: 08/10/2021

👻 My Interests:


Hi there 👋🏼

My name is Danny, and I'm the Head of Corporate Development at WELT and PharmD in training at Northeastern University.

In the past, I was the Director of Business Development at Soundable Health, Venture Partner at Contrary Capital, Corporate Development Analyst with Pear Therapeutics and an operator at PillPack (PillPack's biggest fanboy—my unofficial title at the company); the company was acquired by Amazon for $1B during my stay. If you are interested in my time at PillPack/Amazon, check out my interview with RxRadio.

My interests lie in finding an intersection between pharmacy, design, and technology to create a more human-centered approach to pharmacy practice. I love writing about the latest trends in digital health (esp. around digital therapeutics & 💊 -related startups).

✈️ I lived in the United States, Canada, Korea, and Thailand. I visited/ worked in Israel, Thailand, Cambodia, South Africa, Myanmar; Costa Rica, Philippines, Mexico, Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates in various capacities.

I love meeting new people, and pay-it-forward mentorship. Get in touch anytime, and let's see how we can work and grow together.

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✍️ Writings

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👀 Random facts about me:

In 2017, I founded ViTAL (previously, Bouvé Innovators), Northeastern's first healthcare innovation hub bringing together students from diverse backgrounds (business, health sciences, engineering, design, public policy, and more) to push the boundaries of healthcare innovation.