I guess I had a pretty unique background, I grew up in Tamilnadu. I decided to do engineering at Anna University. When I realized that a lot of students were leveraging their business skill set to find jobs and not necessarily go right to grad school, I started getting really curious about what was out there. I did an internship in Coimbatore with Forge Accelerator and a lot of what they do there is incubate early-stage deep tech startups and that was my first experience with the tech community here in the city.

After those experiences, I started to gravitate towards the venture capital space. I also knew I wanted to get exposure to a lot of different industries so instead of doing a startup and diving into one specific vertical, I wanted a more generalist feel. That’s ultimately what led me to VC: the fact that I’d really be able to touch a bunch of different industries and really see innovation throughout all the different ecosystems.

For me, it was the best of all worlds because I was able to explore disruptive innovation as well as entrepreneurship in a lot of different industries.

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