The Brain Health Bootcamp is on a mission to fundamentally transform mental health education. We provide online education and resources to adolescents and school communities. Our comprehensive online curriculum steps students through engaging evidence-informed video content, infographics, illustrations, and helpful guides to demystify mental health: what it is, how to talk about it, and how to seek help. We’re creating game-changing mental health education by reframing mental health as brain health, and providing online education for young people across the country. Following the mass increase in depression and anxiety from the pandemic, the need for brain health education and healthy coping skills is more important than ever.

To make our vision for mental health awareness a reality, we’re building a team of entrepreneurs, researchers, content creators, and mission-driven go-getters to create massive impact and do the best work of our lives.

All roles are full time and fully remote

Growth Roles

Advancement roles involve growth hacking, sales, marketing, & fundraising

Head of Growth

Business Development & Growth Associate

Business Development & Growth Analyst

Product Roles

Product roles involve researching, designing, and building our core offerings and working closely with students and educators to improve them.

Head of Product

Research & Programming Associate

Product & Design Associate

Research & Programming Analyst

Design Associate


Design Challenge

Writing Challenge

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