Object Types

Pod ⇒ Stand alone container instance

Deployment ⇒ Manages a Set of Replicas of Pods

Service ⇒ Network configuration for the controller type

ClusterIP ⇒ A service type that will point to a deployment.

PersistentVolumeClaim ⇒ ****Defines a persistent data storage for your deployment or pod.

Secrets ⇒ to store secret keys you need in your object



minikube start ⇒ to start the kubernetes cluster locally.

minikube stop ⇒ to stop the kubernetes cluster locally.

minikube ip ⇒ to get the cluster ip to can access our served objects.

minikube docker-env ⇒ to reconfigure docker inside minikube.

minikube addons enable <addon_name> ⇒ to enable minikube addons.

minikube dashboard ⇒ open the dashboard for kubernetes.


kubectl apply -f pod-file.yaml ⇒ to apply configuration inside the container.

kubectl describe object-type object-name ⇒ to get information about the given object name and type.

kubectl logs <object-name> ⇒ to get the logs for this current.