🗓️ 2019 – 2020

Teamwork Online is the go-to platform for hosting and discovering jobs in sports. One of the oldest and strongest online platforms of it's kind, I partnered with President and CEO Buffy Filippell to increase paid profile conversion, develop new back-end tools for sports teams, and use digital product to help candidates find jobs during a global pandemic.

We've collaborated together for nearly two years running user research workshops, crafting high-impact prototypes, and developed a ton of landing pages. I utilized several design processes, some of which I've highlighted here to hit Buffy's business goals. I've gathered material below for two of my favorite projects we collaborated on.

Teamwork Online has a rich history and the design language has only just recently started to evolve. As such, there were a lot of constraints in place and all design decisions had to be validated by real user feedback. The work is a result careful and thoughtful improvements.

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Candidate Dashboard

Problem: How Can We Help Candidates Self-Qualify?

One of the major benefits of using Teamwork Online is the access to its founder, Buffy. Filippell If you're in the sports business, chances are you know her either personally if not second-hand. Through 34 years of helping candidates find employers, Buffy has amassed a huge amount of advice that most younger folks entering the job market don't think about or understand.

One service Buffy offers is resumé consultations. Most of her feedback is simple: "if you want a certain job you had better use that job term all over your resumé". She found there were many of these "no-brainer" examples that younger candidates were missing. The design challenge seemed simple enough: how do we translate 34 years of hiring experience into a few simple web flows so candidates do not need to consult Buffy?