(Last updated 21/07/2018)

The simulator emulates Tag position, rotation and trigger to help you easily develop your game without having to use VR Tracker hardware every time you want to test a new feature in your game.

Package Overview



VRT_Simulator : simulator prefab to drop in the scene


VRT_SimulatorExample : a simple example showing the use of the simulator


VRT_SimulatorMovementControl.cs : Emulates tag movements with keyboard inputs

VRT_TagSimulator.cs : Object of VRTrackerTag type that replaces the Tag in the scene

Add Simulation to your scene

It is very easy to use the Simulator : drop the Simulator prefab in your Scene and link your VRTracker GameObject (containing all the VR Tracker Tag) in the SimulatorMovementController script as in the picture below :


At runtime all the VR Tracker Tag script will be replaced by the Tag Simulator scripts and the Simulator will give inputs to change the Tag Simulator positions, rotations, and triggers


Use the Simulator

You can enable or disable the Simulator by hitting the Enable checkbox on the Simulator Movement Control script :


When the Game is running you can use the Simulator with the controls described below. The controls can be changed in the Input settings