Connecting founders with the right funding opportunities with AI

We know how difficult it is for you to run all of your business's operations, sales, and customer support issues. Hence, we made it easier for you to find the right VC firms to help you with your next funding round


  1. Vetted VC firms

    1. We only list vetted VC firms that are actually open to funding specific types of companies
      1. We take in a variable like geography, funding cycles, average invested amount, average follow-on amount, etc to help gauge a good fit for the founders on our platform
  2. Founder first approach

    1. We take in important information from founders and VC(s) alike and help connect them with machine learning
  3. Smooth transition

    1. We help smoothen the process of raising venture funding, it is already stressful enough. Whether that is through making an introduction, getting both the parties on the same page, or even helping with making public announcements!

    Till then, we created a database of a few active VC firms, feel free to check it out!