Visit this the link below to get started!

Your first commands!

<aside> 💡 When you open the link, there may be a model/program pre-loaded. If this happens, just click New Model at the top right.


In the command center, type (without the >):

> create-turtles 50

Ok, so what? We want the turtles to do stuff. (Make sure you're polite!) In the command center:

> ask turtles [forward 10]

<aside> ‼️ IMPORTANT: Whenever you type a [, make sure it's followed with a ]. In this case, the turtle will do anything inside the [ ]. 50% of your errors in programming will be because you missed or forgot an open/close bracket.


Knowing that turtles walk the same way that we do, what do you think the next command will do?

> ask turtles [right 90]

Try it out!

Commands vs NetLogo Code

In short, anything you type in the command center can also go the NetLogo Code area. If we type something in the command center, the command will be executed once, no matter where you are. This is handy for testing something or trying something out.