The Convocation of Empyreans is a Alliance / Organization that seeks to fundamentally challenge the way a lot of Organizations within EVE play the game, where most seek to specialize and niche their attention into specific gameplay loops, we feel that ALL of EVE is there to be explored.

We do this by anchoring our selves to Faction Warfare, Aideron Robotics (Member corp) which is a long standing Faction Warfare Corp that has proven its self to be able to mobilize, seeking opportunity and success.

Join the Gallente War Effort (FWPvP)


With a direction and narrative to steer, this creates a catalyst to bring our Service Partners into action. It’s here we see the game open up into Industry, PvE, Mining and all the niche areas that fall outside of the traditional elements of Sandbox PvP.

Another Member Corp is MALRO, a PvE & Industry focused Corp that has been joined at the hip to CoE for some time, producing the weapons of war that drives forward our capabilities in Eve Online.

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Together, we seek to build a community of EVE Content.

<aside> ℹ️ If you’re seeking to experience all that EVE has to offer, the CoE is the home for you.


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