We are on a mission to improve employee experiences. We are solving this problem by building products that are easy to use and within reach for most employers. Our SaaS platform lets companies manage employee Engagement and Recognition while measuring relevant KPIs using our analytics.

About us

Perkfix is where talented people come to do their life’s best work. Together, we are creating employee experiences that our clients once couldn't have imagined — and now can not imagine living without. Our products – Engagement OS, Recognition OS and  Analytics IQ helps companies measure employee engagement and recognition.

Recognition OS saves employees valuable time, helps them stay fit, and reduces their stress. Employees get access to our marketplace with over 500 merchants to choose from.

We streamline our client’s employee engagement and recognition management, which helps them attract and retain the right talent for their company. With our SaaS platform (and our employee app) we are reinventing the way employees and organizations work together empowering businesses to do their best work, anywhere and anytime.

At Perkfix, our core values are adaptability, being data-driven, collaboration, a bias for action, and resourcefulness. These values dictate everything we do, from product strategy, hiring, and policymaking. We believe in intentional design and obsess over every touchpoint of the customer Interest.

Perkfix may be the right fit for you if you are excited to be a part of a revolution in building new employee experiences. Our remote environment is fast-paced with weekly sprints and a tight-knit group of team members that work together towards a common goal.

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This [COVID] is an opportunity for employers to come up with new perks and new ways to support employees…at Section4 [Scott’s Company] we give monthly cards [Perk Cards] to our employees. — Scott Galloway (Book, Post Corona)

<aside> 💡 Perkfix is an equal employment opportunity employer.


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