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Your Role is going to be built in the cloud, hence you will be one of the first people helping us to configure everything that is needed to deploy, maintain and monitor our API from the ground up. As well as helping us to create a highly reliable event-driven architecture on top of Kafka to stream and store millions of quotes / trades per day for our customers.

On top of AWS we are enabled to offer the highest reliability to our demanding customers (developers😉 ). Therefore, we make no compromises on quality, aiming for a 100% uptime. Meaning extensively monitoring all services and automatically alerting the right people, while constantly optimizing processes and tools will be a part of your job, too.

To safeguard the security of our customers, you will help operate our private subnets, while keeping track of internal security preventing issues inside the organization as well.

Together with our backend team, you will create a suitable pipeline (CI/CD) to push code to production using certain stages to ship quality code and not lose speed while releasing great features.

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—> We are more than happy to be proven wrong. Simply apply if the job sounds good to you and we will have an honest conversation about you and the way you think about infrastructure engineering.

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