<aside> 👉🏿 On the surface, it seems that LinkedIn fights versus Third-Party tools. That's not exactly correct. If you look deeper, LinkedIn is fighting with its users, not with Third-Party tools. With time users are becoming more demanding. The pressure for LinkedIn to innovate increases. LinkedIn isn't innovating because they don't have healthy market competition. LinkedIn responds by fighting its users because LinkedIn protects its business model (Data Monopoly). LinkedIn doesn't let outside developers access the data and innovate because of the fear of losing central control and power over the data which would mean losing current revenue streams from advertisers.

We believe that in this conflict the collective of users is more powerful than the platform they use - LinkedIn. Therefore, users will win collectively as soon as they are empowered with a tool to coordinate their efforts. We give users this tool and help them to collaborate in "Data Unions".

We're not LinkedIn-dependent, we're user-dependent! As a LinkedIn user, you have the choice of how you like to access your LinkedIn account. There is no justice in following unjust and non-legally binding document, such as the LinkedIn TOS.