Import knowledge


OpenCTI has a growing number of connectors, available in the dedicated Github repository. The connectors with type EXTERNAL_IMPORT allow you to automatically import CTI data from external services (ie. AlienVault, MISP, TheHive, etc.).

User interface

You can also import knowledge manually in the user interface of the platform. You have to possibilities:

Clients / API

For instance, in the Python library, you can use the methods:

from pycti import OpenCTIApiClient

# Variables
api_url = "<>"
api_token = "2b4f29e3-5ea8-4890-8cf5-a76f61f1e2b2"

# OpenCTI initialization
opencti_api_client = OpenCTIApiClient(api_url, api_token)

# File to import
file_to_import = "./test.json"

# Import the bundle

Export knowledge