Life in the time of Coronavirus

Most people's lives have changed significantly since a month ago. Managing your health and keeping your Health Score up is harder, but also more important than ever.

New challenges we are all struggling with include:

To navigate these new challenges and adapt, tracking and managing your health is critical. We've made significant updates and reorganized the app to help you through these challenges...

Using Places to track staying at home

Staying at home is the most important thing you should do right now*,* both for your own safety as well as to not accidentally infect others.

Since the beginning of March, members on Gyroscope have been going out less, with a significant drop throughout the month as more and more people decided to stay home.

A few months ago, the average number of daily visits was 7 — now it is down to around 3. Our goal right now is to get this down to around 1 or 0.