IconDash is a software that I need

I build IconDash because I need an icon management software that is customized to my needs and easy to use.

As a designer, I am constantly in need of icons for my design projects. I have to go through folders to find the icon file I need, and often times I have multiple files of the same icon and I don't know which one is the latest. The easiest way to get icons is to copy SVG, like Adobe Spectrum Icons. I would like the same Copy SVG functionality for all of my other icons.

As a Notion user, I would like to mark pages with icons to help identify them, but I am unhappy with just using emojis. Emojis are great, but when I have hundreds of pages, all of them have various emojis, the colors of the emoji become visual distraction, and tiring to look at after a while. Because I use both Windows and Mac, the renderings of the emojis are drastically different. When I switch OS, the emojis are not helping me identify pages. The easiest way to add icons in Notion is through URL. I would like an icon dashboard with Copy URL button.

So I made IconDash, a #nocode project using Notion tables and Cloudflare. It is fully cuustomizable, cross-platform, and easy to use.

IconDash is a set of tutorials

When I went to the Typogram Hackathon last weekend, I was challenged to launch a business within 48 hours. I started to think a lot about my icon dashboard project. Even though initially it was made just for myself, but the solution was flexible enough that with some minor changes, I can see it become a solution that others can use as well.

I started to replicate what I did for icons.wentin.net to a different use case and document my process as a set of tutorials, and imagine how others can use the tutorials to replicate the software for their use cases. I chose Material Icons as a demo candidate, as it is challenging enough. If my solution can build a icon dashboard for Material Icon with 1558 icons, and each icon with 5 styles, I believe the solution can cover a lot of grounds.

IconDash will provide you the essential tools and instructions to make your own icon dashboard web app. The tutorials are well-tested and easy to follow. If you are interested in getting them, please sign up for launch notifications. IconDash will be priced at $19.99. You can sign up for launch notification and get early access pricing (50% off) if/when you buy.


IconDash is a DIY software kit

Different from off-the-shelf solutions, IconDash teaches you to DIY software with no coding skills. Following along, it is not just building the software itself, but also learning the #NoCode skills and a really fun experience. With the same skillset taught in IconDash, you can build your ther software ideas, and sell them even. I already have a few project ideas in mind:

  1. HTML Arrows and Unicode Table

    I use these sites to copy characters that is difficult to type out. For example, curly quotation marks are difficult to type in Windows. I also need typographic symbols in my writing, like § . I would like to build a custom table with my frequently used characters, and add functionalities like Copy to Clipboard.

    → Update: I made this ideas already: https://symbols.wentin.net/

  2. Projects similar to 5 Years of Design

  3. Design systems storybook website with Copy code snippets functionalities

  4. Flash Cards

    Collect materials you need to memorize into a table. Open card to review them, click on a button to reveal answers.

These ideas are fairly easy to build using the same techniques that you will learn from IconDash.

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