Ambassador List (with contacts and tasks)


Contribution Criteria

Findora Team will track the contribution of every ambassador since the beginning, including community invitation ,Twitter following and retweet, proposals submitting, contents, medium channel contribution , AMAs you hold, community response, and so on.

  1. There will be basic tasks and supplementary tasks every month.
  2. Community Support & Management - Support and manage community by answering questions, providing necessary info, etc. This includes translating official news and articles. Those who do not have a local community or have a small local community, is required to extend their support on the main Discord community.
  3. Viral Social Media Engagement - This is part of our strategy to create viral social media presence. You are required to put on "Findora Network Amabassador" on your social media account. We want people to know that you represent Findora. Create short quality content or memes on Twitter or other social media platforms.
  4. Once the ambassador creates a new channel with another community or partner for collaboration, @Jack or Maggie and transfers the group channel owner.
  5. Every ambassador is equal, and there will be no ambassador leader. And every ambassador must attend the monthly meeting and provide detailed work reports. Anyone who fails to attend the monthly meeting for 2 consecutive times would be disqualified as an ambassador.
  6. Be honest, responsive and accountable to the Findora community.
  7. Findora team will create a score sheet to record and evaluate ambassadors' contribution. With 100 as top score, anyone who gets less than 60 points for two consecutive months will be disqualified as an ambassador.

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