I started in Product Management 2 years ago. From the very start, it was clear that Customer Success plays a critical role in the development of any product. As CSMs you are the face of the company and understand the customer better than anyone, Product included.

And only when Product and Customer Success work together to understand the goals and challenges of our customers, can we develop a solution that solves their real needs.

So, on behalf of all the Product Managers, here is a list of appeals for Customer Success on how we can work together to make a brighter future for our customers.

Learn the product top to bottom and inside out.

Knowing your product deeply and the value it brings (Jobs to be Done) helps you think creatively when customers have questions or issues.

Here are ways to grow your product mastery:

Share desired outcomes instead of ad hoc feature requests.,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_lossy/

We solve problems that deliver outcomes for our customers. But if we don't know the ‘why’ behind new feature requests, we can become a feature factory.

When customers request new features, ask clarifying questions. Dig deeper, investigate, and report back with your findings. Be our designated Sherlock Holmes and discover their underlying pain point or need.