Harmony’s .1.country unifies Internet domains and crypto names as Web3 nations. Short, onchain names like s.1 store your wallet addresses, digital collectibles, social reputation – on Harmony across multiple blockchains. Proper, browsable domains like s.country displays your career metrics, vanity links, embedded content – for fans to tips with emojis or buy from videos. Yet, s.1 is magically the same as s.country – your creator economy as ONE nation!

Creator-Fans Economy: Domains, Profiles, Videos & Commerce

See our deck, blog and video: Harmony’s 2023 plan on economics games on our .1.country as Web3 identity. First, Internet domains (.country): Custodial auctions (GoDaddy), Identity profiles (Linktr.ee), Talent reputation (Linkedin). Second, crypto names (.1): Social governance (Ethereum Name Service), Onchain incentives (Unstoppable Domains), Interoperable memes (Soulbound society). Third, radical markets (ONE): Sustainable rent (Axie Infinity), Quadratic tax (Gitcoin), Fair price (Uniswap).

Harmony is an open platform for creators to grow digital economy with their fans. First, $10 per year for leasing Internet domains .country (crypto names .1, wallet addresses, digital collectibles). Second, $100 per year for owning social profiles (vanity URLs, customer emails, growth analytics). Third, $1000 per year for hosting video content (monthly subscription, pay-per-view payments). Fourth, $10k per year for making retail commerce (fan merchandise, loyalty programs, collective initiatives).

🚀 Q1 goal: $50 merchandise (t-shirt, hoodies, tote bags), 1000 each, $50k sales ($25k profit) – targeting Vera’s Pink Apes, Harmony’s Blue Apes, Claire’s travel, Miss Excel. Test run: Harmony t-shirt (100 to community). Video content, $10 per month, weekly video, 2500 subscribers, $25k sales ($25k profit) – Shamir’s videographer community, Adrian’s.

Our Q1 goal is $100k monthly sales, 50K active users. As of 1/6 Fri: 4.63k (12.9% over last week) active users, 1.29m (101%) transaction volume, 8.34m (2.08%) value locked, 1.94m (4.30%), 1.50k Github stars, 407k Twitter followers.

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Showcases at demo.harmony.one, demos.country