Welcome to my user guide!

It can be used to get to know me better as your teammate, which will help us build a stronger relationship built on understanding and trust, which means we'll totally kill it.

It's a living, breathing document that will change as I do.

Note: this User Guide was created specifically for my role with POSSIBLE, accounting for the specific details.

The Gist:

I'm a Content Strategist who has most recently been working on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Goalkeepers and Microsoft Small Business accounts. I've been with POSSIBLE since late 2014, when I was hired as an Executive & Marketing Assistant. I moved over to the Content Strategy team in late 2015 and in 2017 I moved to New York City, where I still work on Seattle projects, just remotely.

I'm excited to be working with you!


My daily workspace is one of The Wing's locations in NYC.

I'm a big morning person.

I value simplicity in others but I often over-complicate things myself.

I need time to really digest plans, "big" questions, suggestions, but I love doing it.