CPS & P-Rep Proposal

🎯 Goal: Promote ICON via digital brand partnerships and social media marketing in North America, Europe and South Korea. Create targeted marketing campaigns to raise brand recognition and recruit new participants to the ICON ecosystem.


Prepared by ICX Promotions icxpromotions@gmail.com


Max: Entrepreneur and scientist, graduate of NYU and Columbia University. 5+ years experience in business, emerging technologies and brand marketing.

Jeff: Seoul, South Korean native. NYU alumn and an engineer at Fortune 500 software company.

🗎 Approach


Brand Partnerships

We will create brand partnership campaigns to target Internet Savvy Gen-Z + Millennials interested in cryptocurrency. Sponsorship based marketing allows precise audience targeting, helping us promote ICON to communities that understand cryptocurrency and like to engage with content creators by supporting the products they advertise.


Korean Influencers

We will leverage the fanatic fan culture of Korea to excite young Koreans about the ICON project. Korean pop stars are already using the blockchain to issue NFT assets and K-pop Star Kwon Hyun-bin is set to appear in ‘Crypto-themed’ K-drama Series.



E-Sports is a rapidly growing market where 77% of fans are male and 61% are millennials (Nielsen). 64% of followers on Twitch purchase products recommended to them by streamers (Twitch). There is significant crossover between the cryptocurrency and E-Sports communities.


Crypto-Financial Influencers

We will partner with influencers in the crypto-financial circles to raise awareness and buying interest in the ICX token. Smaller sponsorships can be run simultaneously on TikTok to flood brand awareness in a specific niche.

💼 Promotion Opportunities