— Written by axiliquint

🥤 So, what can I expect from MyFollowers?

Thousands of groups on ROBLOX use sub-par Member Counter Webhooks. So, we've built out a wonderful system that makes creating and customizing ROBLOX Member Counters a breeze. Let me tell you what I mean:

Setting up a Webhook in our Web Dashboard.

Setting up a Webhook in our Web Dashboard.

🔒 This looks cool. However, is it safe? Can I trust Koal with my sensitive info?

Well, we'll leave this part up to you. However, we'll try our best to explain our tech-stack for MyFollowers, in order to make you feel a bit better about our Security.

We host a majority of our MyFollowers Tech Stack on the Google Cloud Platform, which allows us to harness Google's massive resources.

We host our website on Google Cloud Run, with our Databases hosted on Firebase Cloud Firestore. All of which is completely secure.

🤝 Closing

We're excited to announce that MyFollowers is now available! Go ahead and setup your Member Counter here. For support, join our Discord Server!