Subject: Arrows seed round (+ Friends of advisor update)

Hey everybody!

Welcome to the "Friend of Arrows" advisor update #11. As a refresher, is a collaborative onboarding tool for high-touch customers. It's run by me + Benedict Fritz.

Let's get into it!

Customer quote of the month:

After chatting with the team, we decided not to make the jump from Google Sheets yet because we felt it wasn't a 10x improvement. A few of the reasons why:

We're going to continue using Google Sheets in the near term for its flexibility since we are still building out what our onboarding process looks like. It's also a familiar tool to most customers already, so that's also swayed us as well.

I do want to say, you are doing everything right. Very receptive to feedback, getting to the bottom of problems and building out features quickly. I have no doubt Arrows is going to continue growing and maturing. A few months down the line I'd love to circle back to see where things are at.

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