<aside> ⛔ We no longer support Facebook Pixel due to privacy/GDPR regulations and lack of bandwidth to come up with a comprehensive and robust solution for our users and visitors.


We've added a Facebook Pixel integration to our Premium pages. This means that if you have a Premium page, you can add your Facebook Pixel ID and we'll send important performance data from the page to your Facebook Pixel account. From there, you can view the data and run targeted Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns at the users who have visited and interacted with your Odesli page.

Setting up the Facebook Pixel integration

Here's how to create a Facebook Pixel and add it to your Odesli page.

1. Set up a Facebook Pixel through your Facebook account

Facebook has great help docs which guide you through setting up a Facebook Pixel through your Facebook business account or your personal account if you don't have a business account.

2. Add your Facebook Pixel ID to your Odesli page

Copy your Facebook Pixel ID from the Pixels page of your Facebook Event Manager. Open up the admin page for your Odesli page, scroll to the "FACEBOOK PIXEL ID" section, click the "Add a Pixel ID" button, and paste the Pixel ID. Click "Save", and you'll be good to go! We'll start sending events from your page to your Facebook Pixel.


Analyzing and using the Pixel data

This section will show you how to view and use the data from your Facebook Pixel.

Viewing the data

We'll send relevant events from your Odesli page to your Facebook Pixel account's Event Manager. There, you will find an overview of the events that have accumulated. You can click the "View Details" button next to any of the events for a deeper look at the data. You can also click the "View Analytics" button to use Facebook's built-in analytics portal, which allows you to create dashboards to more easily view your data and trends.


The Events Manager portal


The Analytics portal

Viewing breakdown of platforms