Hi there!

We're thrilled to introduce you Hera, the most efficient way to take back control of your meetings 💪

Below, you'll find some useful resources on how to install Hera 🤗

If you have any questions, please shoot us an email anytime (louise@hera.so / bruno@hera.so)

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1/ Install Hera

<aside> 💡 To use Hera, you need to be on a Mac OS and Gsuite


DOWNLOAD Hera at https://api.staging.hera.so/releases/download/dmg ⚠️ If you are using a Macbook M1, use this link instead

  1. Wait for the app to be downloaded, and then open it

  2. Move Hera to your applications


  3. Open Hera!

  4. Click on "Sign in with Google"

  5. Now, just follow the instructions and enjoy the app 🤩

📹 Interested in watching a live Hera Demo?


2**/ Join the Hera community on Slack**

<aside> ➡️ You'll shortly receive an invitation to join the Hera community on Slack. We encourage you to join to ease communication - You will especially be able to report any feedback / bug on the fly 😁 On our end, we will announce releases, beta tester of the week and much more on this Slack workspace. Don't miss it!


🏆 Leaderboard

Each week, we will announce who is the beta tester of the week! He/She will receive a special prize....Here is how you can be this person:

Each bug reported = +1 pt

Each piece of feedback given = +1 pt

Each post on social network mentioning Hera = +3 pts

Each referral = +2pts