How can you get more involved with the community? I want to share a few needs that we will have as we continue to build this community and unlock value for more members

Some of these needs come with stipends (admittedly small; this is still a labor of love) in cash and/or $CMO, while others will benefit from your ideas that hopefully will create added value. All such areas can come with lots of recognition as well through the community channels (Slack, newsletters, social, events, etc).Here are a few things on my wish list of where we'll need some added support and input.

Please DM or email me ( david at serialmarketer . net) with any ideas you have, and if helpful, we can also make time to chat .-

Event management

Helping run regular virtual events on Zoom and/or Upstream; inviting potential attendees; inviting guest speakers where relevant.

Social media management

Owning any of our channels on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. I'd love us to have a presence elsewhere, especially Reddit where Serial Marketers gets mentioned periodically.


NFT design will be an immediate win for any freelancers or hobbyists (compensation being in cash and/or NFTs). There's more content we can put out where design would help -- even someone who's decent on Canva.-

Channel hosts

Who'd want to be a designated person to host conversations (even a minimum of one conversation-starter a week) in various channels by interest area (eg #blockchain, #influencer-marketing, #d2c) or geographies (#local-chicago, #india-marketers, #local-atlanta)? Ideally, you'd also keep an eye out for potential members for those channels too based on the conversations here.

See more about channel management via this guide from member Leo Morejon.

Local chapter hosts

Specifically for local hosts, we love bringing people together virtually and in-person. Many local channels have dozens of members, so browse those in Slack to see if yours exists, or you want to start a new one. We can help promote your events and engage members.

Brand/agency councils

I'd love to get private groups going for both brands and agencies. We have such channels that are barely populated, and there should be a lot of opportunity to develop them.-

$CMO Advisory Council

I want to start getting regular meetings on the books with a crew here for how we can make better use of the coin as an asset for the community. We already have a private group, and it's time to activate it. Others are welcome to join.-

Member recruitment

What's the best way to spread the word to and welcome new members while still focusing on having the right kinds of members who have the curiosity, experience, and giving mindset that is so pervasive in this community? We value diversity and inclusiveness, but we can still aim to exclude those who are typically takers, spammers, and the like. The best referrals consistently are those who are referred by existing members.