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About Us

Our vision is to build the largest network of youth-journalists and activists; a place for people to communicate, collaborate, and genuinely make an impact through a new era of 'journalistic activism'.

We believe that by presenting people with the best information to learn and grow, we can tackle the world's problems better, together. We're always looking for talented youth who are interested in building the future of journalism alongside us!

Life at The Altruist

We're a remote work organization, from all over the world, started in Toronto, Ontario and Egypt! So, we make sure to foster some great culture to run such a tight ship.

Progressive Benefits 💸

The Board of Directors determines the compensation scheme on a month-to-month basis, and ensure there isn't a pay gap greater than 10-25% between Commission Grades!

Ideas > Hierarchy 🎨

When The Altruist first started, our biggest concern was losing sight of our vision and motivation. So, we decided that no matter the titles, compensation, or hierarchy, our internal meritocracy is based on ideas, creativity, and skill — you will always be rewarded for great ideas!

Culture of Compassion 🤝 ****

From the beginning, this association is based solely on the radical idea that everyone deserves compassion to succeed. So, we pride ourselves on utilizing constructive and collaborative behaviour wherever we can, including hiring/internal operations.

Flexible Remote Work ****💪

We were founded by students and want to primarily hire students and young adults working to expand their skills on the side. So, we function asynchronously and are super generous with vacations/leaves.